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How to increase conversion rates by asking a type of question?

A saying in the Holy Scriptures provides us with a vital key.

Ask and it shall be given unto you

The art of asking is a very vital skill that everyone intending to get a lot out of life should possess.

The bitter truth is no one knows what you need or would go through the trouble of assuming you need something.

A scenario where that is possible could be a surprise by your loved ones...but you get my point.

As you might already feel in your gut, asking is a very inconvenient task. I know you feel that way already if you've tried it before.

A lot might say asking makes you vulnerable, asking exposes you to the possibility of failure, opens you up to rejection or makes you feel, or makes you feel like a burden to others but it's also of enormous benefit to you.

Asking builds connections, boosts confidence, and is an act of trust and collaboration.

Would you believe that people liked those who asked lots of questions more than those who asked a few questions? Think about it. The most productive questions to ask according to positive feedback are follow up questions and that's because they prove that you are listening.

Everyone likes to be heard.

When asking though, there is a possibility of rejection. But learning to ask without fear will be of great help.

Learn to say these two things in your thoughts:

  • I deserve to ask and,
  • You are welcome to say no.

Because the ask that is conditional cannot be a gift.

That being said, when relating to a prospect, you will find closing a sale move faster to a successful close if you ask the right question. Asking leading questions makes it easy and natural for your prospect to say "Yes".

You should avoid throwing exclamation marks at your prospects but hook your prospect's interest with tactful questions.

Make them know you understand their needs and you are offering the best they could mostly get.

When a prospect is wavering, and is not showing signs of being convinced, ask them why.

Because by using this rule of “Why” you gradually bring out all the objections of the prospect.

ONE KEY OBJECTION still worries your prospect. What is it?

Cost? Weight? Construction? Practicality? Can’t realize the need? Feels another has better features?


Ask him/her, “Why do you hesitate? – Why do you believe it is too costly? – Why do you want to wait until fall?” Keep him/her answering your “whys” until you find the REAL objection.

Then when YOU ARE SURE you have discovered the real objection, handle it with this “tested technique”:

Daniel: “Is that your ONLY REASON for not buying?”

Megan: “Yes, that’s my only reason for not buying.”

Megan has committed herself! She is behind ONE objection! Now ANSWER this key objection, and the sale will soon be yours!

When you do answer the objection, be sure to say: “You told me that was your ONLY REASON for not buying – so now I imagine you are ready to have me make a delivery!”*